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A Midsummer Night's Dream

"She could learn from the mellowness that Amy Rockson gives the same part" The Observer

"While this Dream may lack Judi Dench as its Titania, it’s amply imbued with that Dame’s commanding poise and confidence. As Theseus says, “Very notably discharged”. The Telegraph

"This is a Dream that is wistful and sexy, with a wild pagan heart beating beneath its formal exterior. The major players are spot-on in an evening genuinely touched by magic." The Guardian

"Amy Rockson is regally sexy as Hippolyta and Titania" The Times

" Among a committed cast, Amy Rockson shines as a feisty Titania although, as always with SATTF, it is all about ensemble playing rather than star turns." The British Theatre Guide

"Ralph Richardson once said he had never seen a bad production of the Dream, but equally had never seen a perfect one. This sparkling offering helps tip the balance towards the latter." The Stage


The School for Scandal

"The great accomplishment of this company is that they make Sheridan's text their own, sounding fresh minted and fluently contemporary." The British Theatre Guide

"Lady Sneerwell is a villain in the old sense, a kind of Iago-lite... and Amy Rockson relishes the duplicitousness and makes such an impression in the opening scene that like a thought in the back of the mind, her presence is felt despite her absence for much of the production." The Hamlet Weblog



If I Should Fall

"Amy Rockson's excellent performance ...confirms the suspicion that the company is handling material well within (if not beneath) its capabilities." Time Out.

"...icy cool Guide - played beautifully by Amy Rockson." Hammersmith Chronicle.

Henry VIII

"a real sense of the women's world within the political and the royal, rare in the Shakespearean canon." Evening Standard.

"The whole cast is triumphant and works with energy and conviction." What's On.

" entertaining two-hour political thriller set in a world of television news and media manipulation." The Times.


Blithe Spirit

"Amy Rockson portrayed his ghostly first wife Elvira with a mixture of mischief and femme fatale, playing with Ruth’s feelings like a cat plays with a mouse, and thoroughly relishing her power." Pocklington Post & Beverley Guardian

"Stirring trouble and cocktails in equal measure, only Charles can see, hear and engage in spiky conversation with agent provocateur Elvira: a devilishly clever comic device by Coward that Cruden and his cast relish, especially Rockson's scorpion Elvira." The York Press

"Rockson’s Elvira adds the ethereal quality the play needs. Resplendent in her ghostly gown, she swaggers seductively around the stage, clearly enjoying the havoc she is causing." The Good Review

"...the cast are terrific, notably Rockson, who manages to be convincingly tormenting, flattering and insecure as the high-maintenance apparition that is Elvira." The Arts Desk

Henry V

“Amy Rockson vividly evokes the masquerade of power politics and diplomacy as the French ambassador Montjoy: her discomfiture after the rout at Agincourt is all the more believable, as her façade crumbles and the humiliation of defeat pierces through.” The Arts Desk.


“Amy Rockson, playing Montjoy, brought a much-needed sense of class to the courtly scenes.” SCAN Leicester University Newspaper.


“Performances by the defiantly Welsh Capt. Fluellen (David Osmond), as well as Mountjoy (Amy Rockson) the French herald, and the chorus and mediator from Burgundy (Joanne Howarth), who bring the two sides together to parlay for peace, all add to the flourish of the second half.” The Fix Magazine.

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

"It's a highly entertaining, slick debunking - of both Hitler and Shakespeare's histories". Time Out.

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